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Bug #65: windows mapped network drives are not working

can't save template to network path

Added by Sebastian Schierwater 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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i already submitted a ticket about mapped network drives not working.
i now realized that it is also not possible to save a template on a network location. see screenshot. saving on a local drive works.


cant_save_to_network.JPG (23.9 KB) cant_save_to_network.JPG Sebastian Schierwater, 05/11/2023 05:34 PM
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Updated by DariuszAdmin Makowski 7 months ago

I can't reproduce it on any of my network drivers...
Looking at the logic, this error happens at the end of save during last validation... Meaning that the file "might be saved"... can you check if file gets saved and this is just false positive?

Nope that won't work, I'm deleting tmp file if it fail to save... :/ need a call probably to understand why it breaks.

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Updated by DariuszAdmin Makowski 7 months ago

Recently a case was discovered where this was an issue.

The issue was because when the app was installed it needed "admin rights", and then it auto-started afterward - with admin rights.
This installed/configured all products on the admin account. When starting it from that account it had limited access to drivers/etc.

Please reinstall your app - toolbox/tools/etc. Close the toolbox if it auto start. Then start it again & reinstall.
It should see paths/save to disks.
You will need to fish out the app shortcut from C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Agameri\Agameri Toolbox\Toolbox\Versions\Windows\Latest number folder.
Not sure about MAC case.

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Updated by DariuszAdmin Makowski 7 months ago

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