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04:54 PM Render Node Support #86: Icarus Deadline Submission 10.3?
Not quite sure, I don't think I do any SQS queue.
The queue error that the deadline plugin has is due to pytho...
Dariusz Makowski


01:58 PM Photoshop Stacker Bug #85: Group Mask
I see, hmmm recently Group per image got extended with more options to allow for control of group visibility, we can ... Dariusz Makowski
10:57 AM Photoshop Stacker Bug #85: Group Mask
Can you show node config screenshot or something similar, a little lost here. Dariusz Makowski


09:36 PM Photoshop Stacker Bug #81 (Done - Testing): naming rules don't work in mask mode (RGB) + create group per image
This one should already be done in current release. Dariusz Makowski
08:26 PM Photoshop Stacker Bug #82 (Closed): Naming Rule
Dariusz Makowski
08:25 PM Photoshop Stacker Feature #83 (Done - Testing): Sorting recent projects
Should be added in next release. Dariusz Makowski
08:24 PM Photoshop Stacker Bug #84 (Done - Testing): creat group per image
Should be fixed in next release. Dariusz Makowski


11:37 AM Photoshop Stacker Bug #82: Naming Rule
I'm a little confused.
This is how the logic works, it removes search keys from name leaving just unique name f...
Dariusz Makowski


10:08 AM Photoshop Stacker Feature #69: Using align Nodes should respect backdrops
Update to this. You can use Text Node + background opacity set to 1 to simulate backdrop experience now without it mo... Dariusz Makowski
10:05 AM Photoshop Stacker Bug #72 (Closed): previously deleted nodes show up in the profiule manager although they don't exist anymore
Dariusz Makowski

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